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Get and retain the best energy pricing

Contract Negotiations

Business thrives on negotiation. Your energy agreement is negotiable as well. BTU Energy Advisors represents the interests of commercial and industrial businesses across the country by negotiating energy supply agreements.. All energy supply agreements are written to include standard provisions that benefit the supplier. There are several factors that can directly impact your energy cost financially; items such as usage tolerance (called bandwidth) or early termination fees when attempting to switch suppliers prior to the end an agreement. BTU Energy Advisors can provide your business with the proper resources to negotiate an agreement specific to your unique business operational needs. This will help you gain the competitive advantage you should have when purchasing your energy.

Tariff Analysis

At least 24 U.S. states have deregulation legislation available allowing customers to choose their electric or natural gas provider. Regulated states do not provide this option but that does not mean there are not any possible alternatives. We analyze local utility rate tariffs to identify potential money savings opportunities. Sometimes accounts are incorrectly classified, or accounts can take advantage of rate discounts based on the way the business power use. BTU Energy Advisors provides the analysis and seeks a solution working with your local utility provider. We will make the necessary arrangements to reclassify your account so you can take full advantage of any potential savings.

Demand Response Planning

Currently, limited capital is available to build new power plants in the United States. Demand response is quickly becoming the strategic plan for our electrical grid’s reliability. Demand response is a solution where customers reduce the amount of energy they consume or shut down their operation to uphold the integrity of the power grid. There are typically financial incentives for customers who can reduce consumption or shut down at critical times when called upon by the system operators to uphold grid reliability. We will provide you with the latest information on how a demand response strategy could benefit your business.

Generation / Renewable Energy

As BTU creates purchasing strategies for its clients, the team can also assist in evaluating distributed generation and renewable energy.  For those who are interested in providing their own power for back-up or combined heat and power (CHP), or renewable energy, BTU can provide answers by examining the facility, analyzing the economics, and providing the customer with a recommendation as to the viability of an installation.  If the decision is to move forward, the team can outline the process and help the customer through the procurement and installation phases including developing Power Purchase Agreements and RFP’s for generation supply.



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