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Find the right energy plans for your needs and budget

Deregulated energy means businesses have the choice of purchasing their source of energy from competitive retailers. State laws provide the guarantee that energy will be received via the traditional utility infrastructure. This combination enables businesses to budget their expenses, consider alternatives and weigh the options involved to accept more price risk for lower energy costs.

BTU Energy Advisors acts as a neutral third party directly aligned to evaluate your business needs and negotiate with energy providers to find your business the best possible rates available in your area.

To evaluate your needs, the BTU Energy Advisors procurement process begins by asking you a series of questions, geared to identify your tolerance to price risk and establish your objectives for securing lower cost energy. To prepare a successful utility purchasing strategy, we will conduct a thorough review of your utility bills as well as review any energy agreements that you might already have in place. This includes tracking your historical cost so we can set definitive goals for reducing expenses today and in the future. Our hands-on approach means our associates will guide you through the purchasing process answering questions. We will educate your business on available choices so we may best provide solutions to reduce the overall cost of energy that your business will purchase.

BTU Energy Advisors offers a comprehensive program for commercial and industrial businesses to better serve your energy procurement needs. By leveraging both competition and market execution we deliver high level results  for our clients.

Our procurement services include:

·      Analysis of customer utility data

·      Review existing contract arrangements

·      Benchmark existing data to identify potential pricing opportunities

·      Review of Product tolerance and Price risk

·      Review of goals and objectives

·      Establish Formal Bid Package to Supply Base energy needs

·      Negotiating terms of service to narrow supplier selection

·      Finalization and execution of an energy supplier agreement


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