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Energy procurement needs a Plan -including contracts, price strategies, utility tracking and bill auditing

In today’s competitive energy marketplace, businesses can no longer afford to be a mere bystander of rising energy prices. Taking a proactive strategic approach to purchasing energy helps optimize the best value for your energy dollars. As your partner, BTU Energy Advisors evaluates utility data and competing offers from multiple suppliers. By leveraging the forces of market competition, BTU Energy Advisors narrows down the choices, then negotiates with these energy providers to successfully select and deliver the best possible choices for our clients.

So you already have an Energy Contract in place?

You have already made a business choice; we will help take things a step further. BTU Energy Advisors closely monitors market activity to identify the best time to initiate your next contract purchase regardless of your current energy supplier. We understand there is more to getting a good solution than just reviewing contract expiration dates and fiscal calendars. By taking this proactive approach to purchasing energy, we can reduce unnecessary price volatility exposure while additionally securing energy prices that fit both your business goals and budget .

Your partner in finding the lowest Energy Costs

BTU Energy Advisors is an independent energy advisor assisting the business community in the purchase of electricity and natural gas in the deregulated market within the United States. Because BTU Energy Advisors is not aligned with any one energy provider, we remain as a neutral and objective resource.  We dedicate our expertise to resolving your business needs for reduced energy costs.

BTU Energy Advisors focuses on the evaluation of utility data for creating proven purchasing strategies for our business customers. Our primary goals are to reduce today’s energy utility cost your business while creating long term strategies to reduce your exposure to rising energy prices. Utilities are a commodity; so unlike many purchases, many factors can drive the price of energy; a moving target can be quite costly if your business is not prepared. This requires an in depth understanding of not only what causes energy prices to change in your local area but also in other states in which you conduct business. Our core staff includes seasoned industry experts who have held various positions with some of the top energy suppliers. This knowledge & experience is what makes BTU Energy Advisors well poised to assist you with managing your utility accounts.

The formula for our success is our industry knowledge, outstanding customer service and continued quality results for our clients. BTU Energy Advisors will continue to put its customers first; offering the latest technology, a host of distinct services for the industry, and  a trusted source for energy purchasing.

BTU Energy Advisors‘s experience separates us from the rest of the industry. When it comes to managing your utility budget you deserve a partner that stands up for your needs.

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